POST token details
We want to show our commitment to the project, to ensure the peace of mind of our investors 90% of the funds raised will go to the liquidity pool blocked for a period of one year, the team tokens of the will be unvested gradually starting from the second month.
  • The total supply is 1 billion POST tokens, no more tokens will ever be created.
  • Fairlaunch: During the Fairlaunch period, 353.500.000 POST tokens were made available, allowing early supporters to take part in the project's success.
  • Exchange Liquidity: A total of 201,495,000 POST tokens were allocated for exchange liquidity, ensuring the token's availability and accessibility in the market.
  • New Liquidity Pools: Part of the proceeds will be used to add liquidity pools, 145,005,000 POST tokens has been set aside for this purpose. To be added to the new pairs.
  • Burnt: A token burnout of 100,000,000 to further strengthen the value of investors' tokens.
  • Marketing: 100 million POST tokens have been set aside for future marketing investments.
  • CEX listing: A portion of the token supply, 100 million POST tokens, have been set aside for listing on centralized exchanges, increasing accessibility and exposure to a broader audience.